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Darlene Love Marshmallow World

Darlene Love Marshmallow World

Expierence the festive magic with our xLights sequences Featuring a true Christmas classic performed by Darlene Love, "Marshmallow World," this sequence brings fun to your entire audience. Our expertly crafted sequences are designed to enhance your light displays, creating a captivating experience for all who see them. We pride ourselves on quality and creativity, ensuring each sequence delivers joy and excitement. Illuminate your holidays with this charming and entertaining  sequence.


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List of props


Two 16x50 Mega Trees

Six 50 Node   Stars

Two 1200 Node Matrices

Mesmerizer 1117 Nodes

Two Giant Snowflakes 400 nodes Each 

Two 36 Inch VLS Spinners 300 Nodes Each

Eighteen 48 Node Each 3 Prong Snowflakes

Six 150 Node Each Arches

Five Large Mini Tree With Star 105 Nodes Each

Four Small Mini Trees With Stars 70 Nodes Each

Four  48 Node Candy Canes

Six 85 Node Spinners

Boscoyo Holly Berry 100 Nodes

Lower Level Sophit 150 Nodes

Upper Level Ridgeline 150 Nodes

Ridgeline Left 100 Nodes

Ridgeline Right 100 Nodes

Bay Window Right 50 Nodes

Bay Window Left 150 nodes

Four Verticle Lines 37 Nodes Each

EFL Tune To Radio 700 nodes

Four Your PIxel Store Moving Heads 350w outdoor rated




All Elements = includes everything


All House= includes rooflines and verticle lines, matrices, snowflakes, spinners, mesmerizer, VLS spinners and giant flakes


All Yard Props = Megatrees and Megatree stars large and small minitrees, candy canes arches and arch stars

Mega Trees

Megatree Stars.

Marix Group

Mez/Matrix= Includes Matrices and Mezmerizer

Visinary Group= VLS Spinners

Giant Flakes

All Minitree stars

All Spinners

All Stars

All Verticle lines

Arch Stars


Candy Canes

Roof Snowflakes

Large Minitrees

Small Minitrees

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